Commodore Frederick H. Hovey, Jr. Trophy

Club Championship

The flag officers of the Stage Harbor Yacht Club placed the Hovey Trophy up for competition in 1971 to honor the club's founding Commodore, Frederick H. Hovey, Jr. The trophy is awarded to that member of SM Sailing whose crews accumulate the lowestpoint score in the association's ladder championships of the U.S. Sailing Association's National Championships - Sears, Bemis, Smythe, Adams, Mallory, O'Day, and Prince of Wales. The name of the winning Yacht Club and the year are engraved upon the permanent trophy.

SM Sailing has not awarded the Hovey Trophy since 2001, which was the last time the Association held ladder events (now all National qualifiers are open regattas).  This year, we are bringing back the Hovey trophy.  The plan is to use the results from the C420 and Opti Grand Prix standings.  To be eligible, a club must counts their two best C420 Skipper, two best C420 Crews, and four best Opti sailors - the club with the lowest total points wins.

Date Club
Buzzards YC Draft Results as of 2023-8-16 at 1604
Hyannis YC 
2021 Buzzards YC
2020 Not awards due to Covid
2019 Vineyard Haven YC
2018 Vineyard Haven YC
2017 Wianno YC
2016 Nantucket Yacht Club
2001 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
2000 Omitted
1999 Nantucket Yacht Club
1998 Nantucket Yacht Club
1997 Wianno Yacht Club
1996 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1995 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1994 Plymouth Yacht Club
1993 New Bedford Yacht Club
1992 Falmouth Yacht Club
1991 Edgartown Yacht Club
1990 Plymouth Yacht Club
1989 Hyannis Yacht Club
1988 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1987 Beverly Yacht Club
1986 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1985 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1984 Wianno Yacht Club
1983 Beverly Yacht Club
1982 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1981 Wianno Yacht Club
1980 Wianno Yacht Club
1979 Wianno Yacht Club
1978 Wianno Yacht Club
1977 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1976 Stage Harbor Yacht Club
1975 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1974 Stage Harbor Yacht Club
1973 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1972 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
1971 Stage Harbor Yacht Club